Aling Aling Waterfall

Aling Aling Waterfall is located in Sambangan Village, about 3 hours north from Denpasar. It stands 35 meters high with two streams flowing at different speeds, part of what makes it unique. The surrounding area is as stunning as the waterfall itself. You’ll find high cliffs, green trees, quiet villages, and crisp, fresh air!

Visitors are required to have a tour guide when visiting Aling Aling. Call on us! After parking, we’ll bring you 400 meters past rice fields (about 10-15 minute walk). We’ll cross a small stream, beautiful garden, and other small waterfalls along the way.

Once we arrive, it’s time to enjoy! There’s a ladder and small seating area for you to view its beauty. The waterfall’s power has formed a basin with depth of about 4-7 meters. Because of this (and possible flooding), swimming is not permitted.

When visiting, we recommend outdoor sandals and shorts. You can still bring your swimsuit since, not far from Aling Aling, there’s another waterfall where swimming is allowed (as well as cliff jumping!).

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