Sangeh Monkey Forest

Ever dreamt of playing with monkeys? Look no further! Many grey macaques are waiting for you in Sangeh Monkey Forest.

Sangeh Monkey Forest is located in Sangeh Village about 20km north of Denpasar. The forest is about 6 hectares in size, and has been a natural habitat for these monkeys for hundreds of years. Some trees stand 40 meters high, offering a quiet, cool environment for monkeys to run and play.

Surrounding communities believe the nutmeg tree originated from this forest. The story comes from the name “Sangeh” which means “the”, and “Ngeh” which means “to see”. Villagers believe they saw the nutmeg trees walking (on their own) to settle here. It’s a sacred land, and locals wouldn’t dare cut a nutmeg tree from the Sangeh Forest.

Join us on this journey! We’ll show you the (huge!) statue of Ravana being attacked by monkeys, as well as the “male-female” tree that lives amoung the nutmegs. You’ll also have the opportunity to see Pura Bukit Sari Temple, built by Mengwi Kingdom and now handed to the locals.

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